At bright Light Academy our classrooms are delineated by ability as well as by age.  Each classroom has particular expectations that should be achieved before a child is able to begin the transition process.  For more information on these expectations speak to the director or your child’s lead teacher.

We feel it is important for our students to be as comfortable as possible as they progress through our program.  As such, our transition procedures are designed to make transitioning an exciting experience rather than a traumatic one.

As a child transitions, he or she spends time “visiting” their soon-to-be classroom, lengthening visits until the majority of the child’s day is in the older classroom.  Transitioning could take a matter of days or weeks depending on the child.  We do not believe in rushing a child & will take our cues from them as we walk them through this process.  We encourage parents to visit with their child’s ”new” teacher & get to know the classroom layout, schedule, rules, etc.