With many little ones to prepare lunch for & not much time, we ask you to consider a few things when packing your child’s lunch…

1.  For the children’s safety, NO GLASS CONTAINERS please – we will microwave food in a glass or paper bowl – not plastic.

2.  Everything should be PRECOOKED & need 1 minute or less to reheat.

3.  If your child likes his/her food a certain way, it should be packed that way (i.e. peeled, sliced, with dip, ketchup, etc.)

4.  Foods & drinks high in sugar, some food dyes and/or caffeine make it very hard for a child to settle down (especially at nap time).  We will save these types of items for afternoon snack.  

5.  Growing children have changing appetites, (ex, today they won’t touch what they gobbled down yesterday) feel free to send in small amounts of several choices so you know they will eat SOMETHING.

6.  We try to demonstrate healthy eating habits in the classroom.  Sending in lunches with something from each of the five food groups (protein/meat, dairy, fruits, veggies & grains) goes a long way in helping teach your child about healthy diets & good nutrition.


PEANUT/NUT ALLERGIES: Because most children under the age of 2 have never been exposed to a nut & we do not wish to be the cause of a child’s first allergic reaction, our Acorn & Seedling rooms are PEANUT/NUT FREE!!!